Pacific International Maritime Exposition 2017

ICC – Sydney, Australia
03 - 05 October 2017

DFG AT Pacific International Maritime Exposition 2017

As the only comprehensive international exhibition of its kind in the Asia Pacific region and specifically developed to satisfy the needs of industry, government and defence professionals across the broad spectrum of maritime affairs, PACIFIC 2017 will bring the latest international expertise to Australia and promote Australia’s industrial and technological capabilities to the world.

Held in the heart of Sydney and on the shores of one of the world’s most beautiful harbours, PACIFIC 2017 will be the tenth in the series and builds on the highly successful biennial events since 2000.

our fleet

Vehicles available at this event

BMW 7-Series

x3 x2-3

CO2 149 g/km

Precise, dynamic and sculpted: quintessential BMW design cues give the new BMW 7 Series an authoritative presence from every angle. Hand crafted materials that make every journey a delight.
The moment you step into a BMW 7 Series, you enter a unique, stunning environment.

Holden Caprice

x3 x2-3

CO2 300g/km g/km

Though not as refined as the large, upmarket European cars, these big Australian vehicles are better suited to local road conditions. Inside the cabin, the Caprice V uses the elegant interior from the VF Commodore range.
Rear seat passengers arguably have the best deal, with generous leg, head and shoulder room. There is enough room for a tall adult to stretch their feet out and sink into the seat. Entry and exit are also made easy, thanks to wide opening doors — it’s little surprise that the Prime Minister’s official transport was the Caprice for over a decade.

Mercedes V-Class

x6-7 x6-7

CO2 165 g/km

Exterior styling is powerful and dynamic, with the expressive front section giving the
V-Class a unique on-road presence. Inside, the emphasis is on luxury and versatility with a spacious, beautifully appointed cabin that can seat up to 7 adults in exquisite comfort.

Toyota Hiace

Asia Minibus

x9-14 xAvailable on request

CO2 243 g/km

Ruggedly built for years of reliable service, Hiace has proved itself on roads around the world. Designed to be tough and durable from the ground up, its dependability is legendary. The Toyota Hiace, which was first presented to the audience back in 1967, is Toyota’s flagship transport vehicle and best selling commuter van in Asia

Mercedes Sprinter


x10-19 xAvailable on request

CO2 189 g/km

Powerful, striking, dynamic: With its front section, the Sprinter Travel really draws the admiring glances. You don't just feel comfortable sitting in the Sprinter Travel - you arrive feeling totally relaxed. This is thanks to the excellent suspension system, the cosy passenger compartment and the air conditioning systems for driver and passenger areas fitted as standard.

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Pacific International Maritime Exposition 2017

ICC – Sydney, Australia